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The Family Who Votes Together

My husband and I believe voting is something you just do as an American. I do not think we have missed a Presidential election since either of us was able to vote. I know I haven’t. I realized this year is the first Presidential election in which I have not had a Bush or Clinton as a choice on the ballot! Does that tell you how old I am?

Last week we participated in Early Voting in Tallahassee, Florida, which I wrote about over at Musings, Mischief and Mayhem, my personal blog.

What I liked best about early voting was that it enabled my family to spend a glorious October afternoon enjoying the sunny outdoors while we waited in line. I used to take my children with me to vote when they were younger, preteens, but I never thought I would have the privilege of actually voting with them. Here are a few things I learned from my family that afternoon:

  1. You can count up to 31 binary on one hand. You have to be careful about the number 4, though, as some people might take offense at the finger being used.
  2. David knows binary, but still cannot reliably tell the difference between XIV and XVI.
  3. Traffic jams occur even if people are driving all the same speed on a track and there are no accidents. The drivers will at some point come to a complete stop.
  4. My husband thinks is something morally wrong with electioneering along the voting line, even if they are outside the legal perimeter.
  5. Everyone in our vehicle except me noticed that we went down a level in the parking garage while looking for a space, even though I was the one driving.
  6. You can avoid shaking a politician’s hand if you tell him that you are coming down with a cold and are probably contagious!

If you haven’t already early voted or absentee voted, go vote tomorrow. It doesn’t matter for whom, it just matters that you vote!!

2 comments to The Family Who Votes Together

  • You know, they say that there ere 10 kinds of people in the world: those who get binary and those who dont!

    Seriously, I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to vote, too. We had so much fun following the campaign, and now we’re excited about the inauguration, too!

  • LOL! I’m one of those who don’t.

    This campaign has been fun to follow. My children were so excited to be able to vote for a candidate that appealed to them, that seems to be of their generation. I see a huge generational difference in my own family concerning Obama’s appeal. Thanks for your comment!

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