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Homeschool Mixer Questions – Part 2

Continuing with our Homeschool Mixer Questions,

    6. What does your daily schedule look like?

    Our schedules always varied, depending upon the season and the activities that the children were involved in. And honestly, it is difficult to remember exact schedules from ten or twelve years ago! Most of the time the children slept late, arising anywhere from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (yes, I did say slept late!). A lot depended upon what activities they were scheduled to go to and when they were younger, early teens, they got up earlier than 11. But morning activities were always a challenge for us, especially if it meant getting up and eating food before driving anywhere!

    Any academics that we did together were done in the afternoon. Usually we were reading aloud (me reading, children listening) from some work of literature; two or three afternoons a week I would read aloud for an hour or more. I also read aloud history. History is my love and not a subject that my children would usually read on their own (unless they found a particular time or place they were extremely interested in), so I would read whatever history book I thought they might enjoy. My children loved being read aloud to and I hated reading aloud (still do), but I spent many hours doing so, even until they were well into their teens.

    7. Are your kids always polite and ready to learn?

    Huh?! You’ve got to be kidding! First, with our method of homeschooling, unschooling, they learned what they were interested in, for the most part. So if they were interested, I suppose they were ready to learn. As for polite, well, mostly. I suppose some very strict families would have considered them occasionally rude or inconsiderate or likely even disrespectful, but I had different standards and so I felt they were just normal children. Well, maybe not normal, as that was always considered a bad word in our house!

    8. Do the kids (or you!) get frustrated?

    Of course! We all got frustrated at times. That’s just a part of living together, being a family, not really a by-product of homeschooling.

    9. How has this affected your parenting?

    I thought these were homeschooling questions?! I never found a magic pill to dispel frustration. It was just something we had to work through. Communication, time, patience, all factor into dealing with frustration, but I have no pat answers for this one.

    10. How much free time do they have?

    Most of their day was their free time, to do with as they wished, dictated by our outside activities schedule. They had chores to do, helping around the house with kitchen duties and laundry and such. And we would try to plan reading together time several days a week, along with some board game / card game playing time. But all things considered, most of their days were their time.

    11. What do they do during their free time?

    Learn. Live. Explore. Grow.

    12. What hobbies do they have?

    Hobby is an interesting word and not one I have really used since we began homeschooling / unschooling. A hobby to me is something you do to take you away from your every day world, let you forget the stress of work or life and just enjoy some small area of your life. As unschoolers, we tend to gravitate naturally to those areas that would be considered a “hobby” and consider that a part of our life. Interests my children have had that they have made a part of their life, but might be considered hobbies, are many. Some they have held on to for years, continuing to do them as adults, even working to turn them into a career option. Some they have let lie fallow while pursuing other interests. Here are just a few over the last twelve years of homeschooling:

    Martial Arts (Karate, Jujitsu)
    Web Design
    Game Programming
    Writing / Blogging / FanFic
    Basketball (and Soccer and Softball)
    RPG’s (Role Playing Games)
    X-Box (and PlayStation and Wii)
    King Arthur Lore
    Celtic History / Lore / Music / Culture

Tomorrow I will finish answering the Homeschool Mixer Questions. The last questions are:

13. What difficulties and challenges do you have with homeschooling?
14. What makes homeschooling enjoyable?
15. How do you get involved in the community?
16. When do you have opportunities to interact with public or privately schooled children?
17. Would you like more of these opportunities?
18. How can they be created?
19. What is your least favorite homeschool stereotype?

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