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Unschooling, Part II

My regular readers no doubt have been wondering about my blogging absence. My apologies for leaving you hanging on the Audacity of Hope review. I do hope to finish that up soon. Life intruded, as it often does. In late April our daughter and two-year-old granddaughter came to live with us. And just as suddenly, two weeks later, our youngest child decided to move back to Alabama. He had turned eighteen in March and decided his life was in Alabama. We wish him luck, miss him terribly, and hope he finds what he needs.

So, within a two-week time period from late April to early May, our household increased from four to six and then went down to five. Miss Munchkin, our granddaughter, is a very busy two-year-old and it is taking Grandma quite some time to adjust from having quiet peaceful days to busy toddler-chasing days while Miss Munchkin’s Mommy goes back to work fulltime. It has been a long time since I had a two-year-old in the household full time and there are days that I am sure I am much too old for it all! I think, though, that we are finally beginning to settle into a bit of a routine.

Beginning Again

So it appears that, instead of being done with homeschooling children, I am beginning all over again! Miss Munchkin is at that age where she soaks up everything, misses nothing, and repeats everything you say. Words are beginning to string together to create short sentences. She is getting taller and we have to keep pushing things further and further back on the counters. You can read about the fun we are having with the refrigerator on my Musings, Mischief and Mayhem blog, Refrigerator Fascination. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!

It has been a number of years since I had my toddlers, so I would love to hear ways in which to keep her brain working and her body out of trouble! She has been learning ASL for the last year from the Signing Time series and we just received Volume 11: My Neighborhood and Volume 12: Time to Eat in the mail this week. Her very favorite activity is playing with her wooden ABC puzzles. But we need something new and frankly, Grandma is feeling more tired than creative. Access to the public library is a once a week thing right now, as transportation is a bit of an issue. So we need simple things we can do inside an apartment, as it is now 97 degrees outside here in north Florida!

One great thing we did earlier this week was move Uncle Charles’s discarded mattress to the living room floor. Oh, that is great fun to jump on and dance on and tumble on and run around. Did I mention that Miss Munchkin is active? Grandma is certainly getting her workout these days!

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