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Free Discovery Education streaming videos for AL & GA

I was recently contacted by an Alabama homeschool mom who wished to let homeschoolers in Alabama and Georgia know of this great offer! She wrote:

I homeschool in Alabama and recently learned that homeschoolers in Alabama & Georgia can receive, for FREE, the Discovery Education UnitedStreaming videos. Currently, through the end of March, the Homeschool Buyers Co-op is doing a group buy on this product. The annual subscription is normally $265, but the co-op has the price down to $129/year, but residents of Alabama & Georgia can have it for FREE any time by contacting their local public television station. I contacted APTV in Birmingham and they happily gave me a login to access the Discovery Education UnitedStreaming videos. This was all through their APTPlus program, which provides access to other things as well, all paid for by the state of Alabama.

She received this reply from APT (Alabama Public Television):

For home-schoolers to enroll in APTPLUS, please instruct the home-schooler to log on to the APTPLUS Web site at the URL listed below and click on “Contact APTPLUS.” Tell them to include their full name, address, phone number, their preferred e-mail address, the name of their Cover Group, the school district in which their children are registered, and the number and age of their children. APT staff will enroll them in the service and return their Username and Password to their e-mail address.

APTPLUSTM is a free, online, video-on-demand, multimedia resource from Alabama Public Television (APT). It provides pre-K through adult education curriculum content, professional development, national and local video libraries, links to Alabama Learning Exchange, Alabama Virtual Library, Annenberg Media, e-Learning for Educators, the Library of Congress and PBS educational Web sites. Two password-protected databases designed specifically to serve the needs of educators, childcare professionals and parents are available upon enrollment. A single sign-on federated search enables enrolled users to search multiple databases simultaneously to access over 100,000 multimedia assets.

Discovery Education streaming (unitedstreaming) is a password-protected database of K-12 core curriculum content and professional development, aligned to Alabama state curriculum standards, that is available to educators and pre-service teachers free through APTPLUS.

PowerMediaPlus is a password-protected database of pre-K-12 core curriculum content and professional development, aligned to Alabama state curriculum standards, Alabama High School Graduation Exam and the Stanford Achievement Test, which is available to educators, pre-service teachers, childcare professionals, and parents free through APTPLUS.

Local Video Libraries offer access to “Discovering Alabama” episodes, the McWane Science Center Library (Einstein and Planet H2O Key Concepts), What’s Up In Factories key concepts, and Alabama Reading Initiative.

Adult Education Video Libraries offer GED Connection, Workplace Essential Skills, TV411, and Going to School to APTPLUS users.

National Video Libraries provide “Frontline,” “National Geographic” and “Newshour” programming.

Additional Resources available to APTPLUS users are Thinkfinity (MarcoPolo) and Encyclopedia Britannica content.

I located this information from the Homeschool Buyers Coop website, where they are having a special promotion on the Discovery Education streaming videos through the end of March:

“Georgia and Alabama are considered “Free States” for the unitedstreaming™ Homeschool subscription. This means that if you are a homeschool parent in any of these states and you want to purchase unitedstreaming™, your local PBS station has already paid for the subscription. Contact your local PBS station for details.”

If you live in Georgia, visit the Georgia Public Broadcasting website or email their Education Program Department to request enrollment.

1 comment to Free Discovery Education streaming videos for AL & GA

  • Nancy

    The K-12 ETAP Curriculum specifically designed for 1000’s of Discovery Videos!

    I was so excited to see the amazing give away deal of the Discovery Videos for ALABAMA FAMILIES!!…NOW that you have all these videos, wouldn’t be nice to have a curriculum to go with them and have your free videos streaming throughout aligned with every topic your studying? Well have I got a deal for you!

    eTAP is a K-12 electronic curriculum that was designed specifically to accommodate the Discovery Videos. Thousands of discovery videos are aligned with each subject matter. The videos can be played right in the middle of the study with a click of a mouse. The curriculum is aligned with national standards and includes the four core course: English, math, social studies and science. It’s the only curriculum in the world of it’s of its kind.

    ALSO……Each subject matter contains hundreds and hundreds of internet websites matched by, age, grade level and subject matter supporting a variety of learning styles. There are games, exercise, projects, experiments and more!

    This format encourages exploration and independent learning. It is used as an independent home school curriculum, an electronic teachers assistant in the public and private schools and as an after school supplement. THE KIDS LOVE IT! It has shown to boost test scores dramatically because the kids are actually empowered and directly involved with their learning. Perfectly aligned with national standards, it prepares students for exit exams that are becoming mandatory for high school graduation across the US. It also includes prep courses for SAT and ACT test. ONE PRICE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!

    Because of it’s versatility and successful results, eTAP is now being used across the country and internationally at home and in private and public schools.

    eTAP is used by home schoolers …… currently at $359 for a one year subscriptions for the whole family. That is a deal in itself!

    BUT, I represent eTAP exclusively for home school families (homeschooled all my children since 1985) and can offer an amazing whole sale co-op discount:

    Number of Families:
    50 – 249: $299: ($60 savings!)
    250 – 499: $259: ($100 savings!)
    500- 1999:$199: ($160 savings!)
    2000+ $159: ($200 savings!)

    Tell your churches, friends, and homeschoolers, CO-OP’s, etc. Be sure to share this with families who have children in school: schools who use e-tap have significantly improved test scores! This is a small investment to help any child be more successful.

    Check out the free demo—be sure to have your kids give it a test run, too! You can put your APT code right into the curriculum subject matter section and the videos will pop up right on your computer in the eTAP curriculum.


    TO JOIN THE COOP: E-mail and request the eTAP discount coupon code.

    This co-op opportunity ends on October 31st. The more people the lower the price.

    On the evening of October 31, I will e-mail all the families that have contacted me with the code and instructions for your whole sale price with your free Discovery Videos streaming throughout.

    If you are interested in receiving an accredited high school diploma, please visit The Learning Community International ( TLCI honors the eTAP national standards curriculum. With TLCI enrollment you will also receive your own personal consultant to assist you in designing an individualized learning plan as well.

    QUESTIONS? Nancy at

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